Brecotessile has been present for over twenty years in the Italian textile scene and it is based in the Como province, the heart of textile production for clothing. The company creates, transforms and sells high quality fabrics for women’s clothing in Italy and around the world.

Initially part of a regional reality, it has gradually grown and now it has a solid sales network which reaches Italian customers in a widespread manner and it is present in various European countries in Eastern Europe, overseas and in the Far East.

The collections range from plain fabrics with innovative finishes, to yarn-dyed jacquards, to laces and embroideries. Brecotessile has also particular attention to be compliant with sustainability criteria and it develops items with recycled materials.

In this context, since 2020 it has obtained the GRS certification.

Brecotessile has its strengths in flexibility, research and professionalism that have allowed it to grow over the years.

Satisfaction and collaboration with the customers, in addition to the offer of an innovative product, continue to be the driver for the company development.

“Happiness is the secret ingredient for successful businesses. If you have a happy company you will be invincible.”
Richard Branson (Virgin Group founder)
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